The Northwest has been enjoying Elmer's Restaurants for over 50 years. In 1960 Walt and Dorthory Elmer opened their first Pancake house in Portland, Oregon. This lovely couple along with their three sons soon found success due to their hard work and love for the community. One of the most popular items they served was their buttermilk pancakes, which was made from scratch from a Elmer family recipe. Walt purchased the recipe for a 1,000 dollars and treasured it in his locked safe. Only 6 years later in 1966 the restaurant had expanded it's menu beyond breakfast and started franchising the restaurant to other locations. Each location still uses the Elmer Buttermilk family recipe to this day. They now have locations in Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, California and Arizona. In total about 29 Elmer Restaurants serve the North West and the surrounding communities.

Guests that visit different Elmer locations today still get that home-town diner feel. The franchise even donates to local charities in all their locations. Over 600,000 dollars have been raised towards charities like Portland Summer Free for All, Folds of Honor, Portland Rose Festival, Desert Cancer Foundation, Mary Bridge Children's Hospital, Corvallis Boys & Girls Club, Children's Cancer Association, Old Mill Center, and Sparrow Clubs.

Their Breakfast is possibly their most popular menu. It includes dishes like the Breakfast Burger, California Omelet, and Savory Northwest Crepes for those seeking something to really fill them up. For those wanting crepes or waffles they serve the classic Belgian Waffle along with Lingonberry Crepes and Fruit Festival Crepes. Their hand-rolled omlets include the Wilamette Valley Omelet, "Looking for Sun" Omlet, Classic Ham and Tillamook Cheddar Omelet, Mr. Elmer's Omlet, Garden Vegetable Omlet, Crabacado Omlet, Farmers Omelet, and Denver & Tillamook Cheddar Omelet. 

For those wanting to start their vacation day right, Elmer's Restaurant is a must visit. It's dedication to the community and classic made-from scratch food is the best way to start your day.