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The first proposal for an aerial tramway climbing Chino Canyon was proposed was in 1935 by engineer Francis F. Crocker. However due to World War II and the Korean War construction did not actually begin till the 1960's. Due to the difficult terrain the Tramway was constructed using helicopters to build four of the five Tramway towers. This revolutionary new technique at the time made it an engineering marvel. It also helped the speed of the Tramway being built and it was officially opened in September of 1963, just three years later. 

The tramway ride itself is a 12 and a half minute trip that starts at the Valley Station, below the Chino Canyon. It ends at the Mountain Station that sits 8, 516 ft above sea level. Guests can get off at the Mountain Station and enjoy a variety of activities in the Mt San Jacinto State Park. Many visitors enjoy nature trails, snowshoeing in the winter, camping year round, and even skiing. There is actually over 50 miles of hiking trails so guests often repeat visit for a different adventure each time. For those wanting the scenery from indoors the Mountain station also includes two restaurants, a natural history museum, two theaters and a gift shop. The restaurants include Peaks Restaurant and Pines Cafe. Peaks is a upscale restaurant known for it's dry aged meats, poultry and fresh breads from local bakeries. Pines Cafe has more of a relaxed atmosphere for those wanting a quick bite. It features pizza, grab & go sandwiches, soups and salads. The Mountain station actually has a third eatery which is the Lookout Lounge. This full cocktail bar only serves appetizers and is more of a fun hangout space than an actual eatery. 

For those visiting Palm Springs this historic and engineer marvel is a must visit. Enjoy the natural beauty of Palm spring from a whole new view and reach new heights in your Palm Springs vacation.